GUSTAF GRANATH (Uppsala University, SWE)

Senior researcher, project lead

I am a plant and ecosystem ecologist that try to understand how the boreal forests and wetlands respond to global change (climate change, fire, and management). My research includes genetics, plant community and biodiversity, ecosystem functions (e.g. plant production, decomposition, N fixation), and ecosystem flows (carbon flux, nitrogen cycling). My main study system is peatlands, i.e. wetlands dominated by peat mosses (Sphagnum).


Associate Professor

I am a hydrologist with an educational background in physical geography, water management, and engineering. My research interests are broad and interdisciplinary in nature. My primary goal is to contribute to a better understanding of hydrological processes in a changing climate, their links to external meteorological, topographic and anthropogenic drivers, their implications for water quantity and quality at different spatio-temporal scales, and their socio-economic consequences.

THOMAS GRABS (Uppsala University, SWE)

Associate Professor

My research focuses on spatial and temporal scaling of hydrodynamical and biogeochemical processes – with emphasis on the interface between land and water bodies. My principal research objective is to create a better understanding of the linkage between surface water quality and of shallow groundwater flow pathways.

JUUL LIMPENS (Wagening University, NL)

Associate Professor

 I am an ecosystem ecologist where I work with interactions between plants and biogeochemical cycles in peatlands. My research is currently focusing on mapping peatland vegetation through remote sensing. I also work on ‘restoration indicators’ within the WATERLANDS project.

SEBASTIAN SOBEK (Uppsala University, SWE)


I am a limnologist with expertise in aquatic biogeochemistry, in particular carbon fluxes in freshwaters in relation to human perturbations. My research includes field projects on carbon fluxes of various inland water ecosystems, ranging from boreal streams and lakes to tropical rivers and reservoirs.

PAUL MORRIS (Leeds University, UK)

Associate Professor

Im focusing on peatland biogeochemistry where I use models to build a process-based understanding of peatland development, hydrological processes and repsonse to disturbance. I am one of the developers of the DigiBog model.

EEVA-STIINA TUITILLA (University of Eastern Finland, FIN)


I am a broad peatland ecologist working on peatland ecosystem modelling and biogeochemistry. I am particularly interested in the impact of climate change and restoration.

ÅSA KASIMIR (Gothenburg University, SWE)

Associate Professor

I am interested in the carbon cycling of peatlands in the context of climate change and restoration. I am now preparing a guide for peatland restoration. My work has mostly concentrated on a drained and rewetted experimental site at Skogaryd.